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Title: Fatal Seduction
Author: Dana (DMBronson@Rochester.rr.com)
Date: June
Rating: PG-13
Synopsis: Lee is being stalked by an old flame who is jealous of his new life.


Layla Rayez never had a better lover than Lee Stetson. There were many times when she would replay their magical encounters in her head. Breathless and spent from hours of unbridled passion, she and Lee could always connect. That was eight years ago when Lee was young and wild, and she was whatever he wanted her to be. Layla was a Brazilian aristocrat with connections to the South American underworld. Her costly American education coupled with her exotic beauty coaxed men to tell her anything from sordid sexual fantasies to who was making the next hot weapons deal. Lee Stetson was interested in her for what she knew; she was interested in Lee Stetson.

Layla met Lee in a D.C. bar ten years ago when she was a senior at Georgetown and he was a rookie agent still wet behind the ears and ready for some excitement. She dropped his some information about some Nicaraguans and it led to Lee's first big bust. Ever since Lee would now and then use Layla for information and other things-quite a bit more then and that upset her.

She had heard about Amanda. She had met her before briefly and had despised her the moment she saw her. So wholesome, so sweet, so connected with Lee. It drove her into a jealous tailspin. Now it was payback time. She had waited for years for him to return her affections. It never happened. She wanted to be his wife, the mother of his children. She would make him happy. She would have to. He had no choice.


"You wanted to see me?" Lee sat down in front of Billy's desk.

"Listen, I know you wanted to keep your hours to a minimum until Amanda had the babies but I got a call from Layla Rayez. She has got some info on a Brazilian weapons ring."

"Layla huh? " Lee hadn't thought about her in a long time. A glimpse of a rainy night on a beach in Buenos Aries slipped in his mind. He smiled in spite of himself then shook it off. "Wow. She's in town huh?"

"I know you two have some... history"


" Does that bother you, I mean will it bother Amanda?

"Wait a minute, what's up Billy? Lee was confused about all this sudden interest.

"Well the point is there is a party tonight at the Mirror Lake Hotel and she wants to meet you. She's called. You don't pick up messages." Billy threw a pile of pink slips of paper in front of him. "So it won't be a problem?"

" No! Don't worry Billy. I can control myself." Lee laughs as he heads for the door.

"And tonight will be O.K. with Amanda?"

"I guess. I just hate leaving her alone now. She's so uncomfortable. She gets so tired. Carrying two babies for seven and a half months with that tiny frame, and coming into work nearly everyday…she amazes me." Lee smiles.

"That's our Amanda"

Lee sighs and is quiet for a moment. Billy senses something is bothering him.

"Everything O.K. Lee?"

"Yeah," Lee hesitated and decided to spill it. He sat back down in front of Billy. "I always feel guilty taking late night assignments especially with the babies coming but I have to. With Amanda's two boys and two more on the way…"

"A lot of mouths to feed."

"Yeah, and well you know how much a field agent makes and I think Amanda wants to stay home with the babies at least for a little while. I don't know I guess I am feeling a little strapped." Lee rubbed his temples. He felt a headache coming on.

"Lee I told you you should have taken that promotion at the State Department over a year ago. It would have meant a lot more money and a desk job is always safer for a family man. I'm sorry, there is simple nothing here."

"Oh well." Lee gets up, already over it. "Well I guess I'm on the clock. Amanda will be pleased, she always in such a good mood these days." He says sarcastically as he leaves.

"You got another month to enjoy it." Billy calls after him laughing to himself.


"Amanda?" Lee called as he came through the back door. He kissed her on the cheek as he passed her. She was unfazed and continued digging through the freezer.

"Are you hunting for hidden treasure? Lee asks playfully as he thumbs through the mail on the counter.

" Close, my Brownie Fudge ice-cream. Did you eat it?" Amanda closed the freezer door with feigned anger and waddled to the couch.

"No, I didn't eat it. Don't you think I know better? How you feeling?" Lee follows her to the couch.

"Exhausted, your children are very heavy."

"Listen why don't you go get in bed and I will run to the store and get you your ice-cream."

"Why are you acting like you are in such a hurry? Sit down for a minute."

"Sweetheart I can't.."

" You got work don't you?"

" Yes, I'm sorry. Billy.."

"Lee its O.K. let me change my clothes and I can back you up..." Amanda starts to get up from the couch but Lee stops her.

"No, Amanda you rest. I promise I will be back early."

Amanda had been noticing Lee had been so uptight and anxious lately. She started to worry about him. " Sweetheart get over here a minute. I want to talk to you."

Lee knelt down on the floor in front of her. She took his face in her hands. "I know you are a little concerned about providing for your family."


"Let me finish. Don't be so tense. The babies are fine. I'm fine. Everything is fine. Its not like we're destitute."

Lee smile and kissed the palm of her hand. It amazed him how Amanda always knew what he was thinking. "I know I just want you to be comfortable and right now I feel like I should work as much as I can before you really need me."

"I always need you Lee." Amanda leans down and kisses him. " And I love you too."

Lee smiles. "And I love you" He got up and started for the door again. "So what am I getting? Brownie Fudge?"

"Yeah and don't forget the peanut butter"

"What?" Lee's head peaked around the corner confused.

"You mix the two together. Its like a cold peanut butter cup."

"Amanda, that's disgusting!

"That's what you think!"

MIRROR LAKE HOTEL LATE MONDAY NIGHT Lee walked in to the Mirror Lake Hotel planning on a quick meet. He scanned the crowd. It was just another garden variety D.C. function. The same people with different outfits every time. All trying to impress one another with their tastes and status some trying to give and get information and still some to find a companion for the night. Lee used to enjoy these little get-togethers. The drinks were free flowing, the women were beautiful and he was the life of the party. He smiled to himself. My how some much has changed. As he glanced around the room, some his fellow agents, he felt sorry for them. He felt lucky he had a family life now and that he had Amanda.

"So Scarecrow, you got a note from your mother to come out and play tonight?" Dr. Smyth quipped as a cloud of expensive cigar smoke invaded his face.

"Hello, no I'm working sir." Lee struggled with a smile. "Have you seen Layla Rayez? I was supposed to meet up…"

"Well if this is not a sight for sore eyes." a breathy voice purred into Lee's ear. "Lee Stetson, you get better looking each time I see you."

Lee turned to see Layla and despite himself, she took his breath away. Quick flashes of rainy nights and imported champagne popped in his mind but were quickly banished. She was tall with mocha skin and silky long dark hair that seem to catch the light just perfectly. Her tight red dress hugged her at all the right places revealing a well-toned and proportioned body. Layla was every man's idea of perfection and she knew it. Suddenly self-conscious he licked his dry lips and tried to look her in the face. Her deep green eyes, were prisms clear and bright; pristine and calculating.

"Layla, it's wonderful to see you." Lee's voice shook as he gave her a kiss on the cheek. You know Dr. Smyth right?"

"Dr. Smyth smiled with his cigar carefully pursed between his lips taking the whole scene in. Same old Scarecrow. He does love his women.

" Excuse us sir, Lee and I have much to discuss…upstairs… "She slid her arm around Lee and led him up the staircase to her sweet. " Many curious eyes followed them as they went.

" Layla's sweet was just as made up as she was. Roses everywhere with scented candles strategically placed all over the room. Champagne was chilling beside the bed and soft music came from the stereo. The four post brass bed was turned down a fact not lost on Lee. She knew he was married. She would respect that. I respect that. He said to himself, as his eyes wondered back to the bed again.

"So tell me, how married life? What's her name? Ameleia? Would you like a drink?" She poured some champagne, lit a cigarette, and sauntered over to Lee.

"Amanda. She's fine. Listen can we get down to business. I don't have a lot of time. So what's this about arms information." His voice trailed off. It was suddenly apparent to Lee that he did not trust himself in the room with her. She was trying to seduce him. She was right in front of him now. They could feel each other's breath. Lee caught a whiff of her perfume. Mingling with the scented candles. His head was swirling. Their lips were inches away.

"Layla please. You know I'm a happily married man." He said with conviction. I even got kids on the way. My wife is having twins. He smiled at the thought. He wished he were home right now. This was too sticky of a situation.

"Married or not. We can still have a little fun." She sprawled out on the bed. "It can be our little secret. Think back Lee. Remember how good it was between us, how good I made you feel. I always thought that we were meant to be together. "

" Layla that was years ago. We have moved on. I love Amanda. Please can we get down to business." Lee sat down on the bed. He felt more in control of the situation now. He said no and he meant it. "I really have to get home. Layla, I had no idea that you felt this way about us. I'm so sorry."

Layla was getting angry. What did he see in this Amanda woman? She could please him and make him happy. She wanted to have his children be his wife. Lee Stetson was all she ever wanted and if she couldn't have him, no one else would. She would have to destroy him and everything he loved.

"O.K. I understand." Layla got up off the bed and headed to the bar. "At least have a drink and we'll talk. "

Lee shrugged. He was proud of his self-control. "O.K. but just one drink."

Layla coyly smiled as she mixed him a martini. Lee didn't notice her slip anything into it and he was out could by the time she turned the video camera on.

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