Oleg pulled into an overgrown field next to the park. His "73 Chevy fits in well with the old rollercoaster parts, rusted out trolley cars and broken Ferris wheel baskets. He knew that if he left his car here people would think its junk like everything else in the field. A clean getaway. He smiled to himself thinking how he has thought of everything. He reached down into the glove compartment to get his sunglasses "Incognito" He said to himself. as he got out of the car and made his way toward the park He left the sleeping baby in the back seat..And the glove compartment open.

Francine had been sitting by the bed reading Cosmopolitan magazine for about an hour when Amanda began to thrash in her sleep. Francine quietly got up and went into the kitchen to get some tea she made in the event she did wake up. When Francine returned she saw Amanda sitting straight up in bed, eyes bolting in every direction.

"Francine! Where is she? My baby, where is she? Oh god." She started to cry.

Francine placed the tea next to her on the nightstand. Amanda bolted from the bed

"Amanda, what are you doing?

"I got to get my baby! She needs me."

Francine wondered why she was calling her niece "My baby" She thought she was just delirious from the drugs.

Amanda found Francine's keys and bolted for the door. Francine headed her off.

"You have to stay here. Those are direct orders!"

"Francine get out of my way!"

"I don't know what you..."

" There is a lot you don't know" Amanda spat." I have to go. Jenny is not my niece she is my daughter, I am her mother and I need to find her."

"Oh my God" Francine was dumbfounded.

" Now you can take me there or I will go by myself.

"Lets go" Francine grabbed the keys.

Lee clutched his radio and screamed into it as he runs.

"He is heading for the east sector of the park. I'm tailing him at a distance. We can not risk him hurting the kid"

"Scarecrow, we have combed the parking lot and all surrounding areas. We are heading toward a field now that is behind the park."

"That's were he is heading," Lee screams. "He must have a getaway car. You guys better hurry!"

" We are on the way Scarecrow."

Amanda and Francine are listening to the radio transmission. To Amanda it is nothing more that noise. She was still so foggy. All she knew was that she needed her baby. And her little girl needed her. "Francine hurry." She said softly. Francine sped up.

"Amanda, you O.K?"

"I'm just a little foggy. The drugs.. you know..."

"I don't know what to say. Except I'm sorry for everything I ever said or did..."

"Francine really.."

"No, I really need to say this. Over the years you and I have had our problems but I want you to know I would never begrudge you happiness with Lee. I'm sure you two had good reasons to keep your life a secret. I just hope it wasn't me."

"Thanks Francine. I appreciate that."

It was like a burden was lifted off Amanda's shoulders. Now that the secret was out she could concentrate on Jenny, not on keeping her hidden.

"Oh Francine, my baby is so beautiful." A little shocked she said it outloud.

' She looks like Lee. And the way Lee loves her and how she has affected himů It makes me think that it was all to good to be true."

"We'll find here." Was all Francine could say.

Oleg jumped the fence plans in hand. He knew Lee was close behind but his car was insight and he could see no agency backup. He would be homefree!! He would have the plans and The Stetsons would have a dead child.

Lee sees Oleg running toward a beat up car. He screams in to his radio, breathless from running.

"I need back up now! He is getting away!"

Olegs slipped in the car. He smirked to himself, thinking he was home free. He turned the key in the ignition.


Again the key.


He glanced at the glove compartment door. The light had been on all this time. The battery was dead.

Just then a deluge of agency cars invaded the field and Stetson appeared about a hundred yards away. Oleg had no more options except one. Oleg leaped out of the car, grabbed the baby in the carrier in the back seat and put a gun to her head. Lee stopped a few feet away, cold in his tracks, gun drawn.

Amanda and Francine had arrived with the rest of the cavalry. They was standing in back of the mesmerized crowd of agents when Lee drew his gun at Oleg.

"Oleg it's all over" Lee tried to keep his voice from trembling. "Take the plans give me the Kid."

Oleg inched farther and farther away. His gun was still pointed at Jenny's sleeping head.

"Stetson I want both. Put your gun down or I will shot her right now." He took the baby out of the carrier and heldlds her close. "Not even a sharpshooter would risk a shot at me now."

Stetson brought his gun down slowly and over Oleg's shoulder he saw the red face of his wife.

"Oleg take me in her place." Lee pleaded. We know this is about me..."

Just then the baby started to fuss in Oleg's arms. Inadvertently he takes the gun away from her head, adjusting the squirming baby. Amanda saw her child and her husband and Oleg standing there like they were playing scenes from so cruel movie. When she heard her daughter cry it was like the dam broke and her heart burst. Within seconds she swiped the gun from Francine's hand. The next thing she realized, she was pressing it against Oleg's temple.

" Throw the gun down Oleg" Amanda says in a surprisingly steady firm voice. "Throw the gun down Oleg or I swear to god I put a bullet in you brain."

The field was quiet except a squirrel running across the trampled leaves. Lee watched his wife in amazement, unsure of what to do next. Billy and the rest of the thirty agents were mesmerized as well. With their guns drawn they looked curiously through their sites. Waiting for a chance to strike and someone to say something.

"I have never killed anyone in my life Oleg. But make no mistake, I will kill you."

"Ah Mrs. King" Oleg smiles faintly. "Or is it Mrs. Stetson. You and Scarecrow have a beautiful daughter here. I am sure you will miss her.."

Agents began to murmur in confusion guns still pointed at Oleg. Francine and Billy feigned surprise. Lee looked at his wife with concern and wonder as he continued.

" Jennifer Amanda Stetson. After your mother, Scarecrow, and your wife."

"Surrender or I will blow your brains all over this field."

Amanda cocked the gun and turned her head away. She was ready to pull the trigger.

When Oleg threw his gun down. In seconds like bees to honey the agency swarmed around Oleg. Amanda took her child in her arms and Lee ran to his wife.

Amanda collapsed on the ground rocked her child in her arms. She quieted her through her hot sticky tears. Lee kneeled down to them holding both Amanda and his child.

Francine and Billy watched them from a distance. Lee looked over to Billy and exchanged smiles.

"Sir?" an agent said to Billy. "I gotta bring them in for debriefing.

"Give them a few minutes, family reunion."

Amanda was waiting for Lee outside the debriefing room with Jenny asleep in her arms. It was 2:30am but the office was buzzing just like it was the middle of the afternoon. Billy and Francine sat down by Amanda.

"Amanda she is beautiful, you are very lucky." Francine offers sincerely.

"What you did today was very brave." Billy cuts in.

" Thank you sir, Amanda shrugged tiredly was just protecting my family. I know Lee wants to protect all of us by himself, that's why the secret marriage.

Billy and Francine both smile. Amanda Continues. "We thought keeping our marriage quiet we could protect our family but.." she trailed off. I had no idea what was going on today because I was so sedated and I know Lee was only thinking of me... He keeps Me, Phillip and Jamie in this little cocoon and well Jenny, she is his life. I know I'm babbling..." she takes a deep breath. "But I am her mom. I have to protect her."

Francine placed her hand on Amanda's and smiled. Billy smiled too as the door opened and Lee emerged.

"My girls ready to go home?" Amanda weakly got up and handed the sleeping baby to Lee.

"Billy, Francine, I know that we owe you some explanations..."

"Explanations can wait." Billy cut in. Take a long weekend. See you Monday."

"Thanks a lot, Billy"

It was almost morning when Amanda placed Jenny in her crib. She stayed for a while just watching her sleep. Lee crept behind and slid his arms around her.

"You were incredible today. "Lee whispered as he kissed her neck. "I am sorry about the sedation. I just wanted to take care of everything without you worrying. It is my job to take care of our family.

"Its my job too Lee." She turns to him. She is my baby, I am her mother..."

"I know, I know." Lee held her close "Hey, we sure surprised everyone didn't we?

"Yeah, but I am kind of relieved. No more sneaking around."

"Yeah, I can show my wife off." He kissed he forehead and rubbed her back. Lets get to bed and think about this tomorrow. I love you."

"I love you too."

They turned out the light but lingered a bit longer just to listen to their baby breathe carefree in the darkness.


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