The Verklin Constitution


    We the people of Verklin in order to create a more perfect country,  more stable enviroment of the people, establish equality for all people, provide for the domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, and insure that no rights of the people shall not be infringed upon do hereby ordain and estasblish this precious Constitution of Verklin.

Article I  Legislative Branch

    The function of the Legislative Branch is to make laws

SECTION 1. The Assembly
        1. The Assembly shall be composed of two arts: A House of Represenatives and a Senate

SECTION 2. The House of Representatives
        1. The House of Representatives shall be composed of members chosen every three years by the people of the several states, and the electors of the most numerous branch of the State Assembly.
        2. No person shall be a Representative who has not yet attained the age of thirty, and has been a citizen of Verkling for no less than eight years.  The person must be a citizen of the State from which he/she is chosen from and must also be a citizen of that district.
        3. The Representatives shall be apportitioned by the State.

SECTION 3. The Senate
        1. The Senate of Verklin shall be composted of three Senators from each  State for the period of three years.
        2. No person shall be a Senator who has not yet attained the age of thirty-five, been ten years a citizen a Verklin, and must be a citizen of that State from which he/she is chosen.

Article II  The Executive Branch

    The function of the Executive Branch is to enforce the laws of the government.

SECTION 1. Chief of State
        1. The Chief of State shall be a combination of a Presidential and a Parliamentary.  He/she shall hold his/her term of office for five years.
        2. The person must be a born citizen of Verklin.  The person must bhave attained the age of forty.

SECTION 2. Chief of State's Power and Duties
        1. The Chief of State shall execute the laws made by the Assembly, monitor the monetary system of Verklin, appoint Supreme Court Justices, keep in touch with foreign affairs and diplomats, and appoint cabinet positions.

SECTION 3. Cabinet Positions
        1. The cabinet positions are to be appointed by the Cheif of State.
        2. Cabinet positions are: Transportation, Human Rights, Education, Defense, Housing, Agriculture, Economy, Attorny General, Labor and Energy.

Article III  The Judicial Branch

    The function of the Judicial Branch is to interpret the laws of Verklin and apply to each invidiual cause.

SECTION 1. The Supreme Court
        1. The Supreme Court Justices shall meet in the capitol city of Rock Creek, Travis.
        2. The Supreme Court Justices shall be appointed by the Chief of State.  They shall serve a term of fifteen years and cannot be reinstated after their term is up.
        3. The Supreme Cour has the power of Judicial Review.

SECTION 2. The Appeals Court
        1. The Appeals Court shall meet in the capitol city of Sweetwater, Travis.
        2. There are to be twelve judges that meet as a three man panel to review cases of the Distric Courts.
        3. The Appeals Court Judges are selected by the Senate.
        4. The Appeals Court Judges are to serve an eight year term.
        5. The Appeals Court Judges can seek re-selection.

SECTION 3. The Distric Courts
        1. There are three District Judges in every major city.  There are thirteen major cities in Verklin.  The total number of District Courts is thirty-nine.
        2. The District Court Judges are selected by the House of Representatives.
        3. The District Court Judges are to have a ten year term.
        4. The District Court Judges can seek re-selection.

Article IV

    The Constitution of Verklin is the Supreme Law of the Land.

SECTION 1. Provisions for Amenment
        1. The Constitution of Verklin shall be amended by the voting of the Assembly of Verklin and of the Supreme Court.  The votes must reach a two-thirds majority in order to pass an amendment.

SECTION 2. The Rights of the People of Verklin

Right 1
    The citizens of Verklin have the right to freedom of speech, religion, the right peaceably assemble, and to petition the government.

Right 2
    The citizens of Verklin have the right to bear arms with the consent of the government.

Right 3
    The citizens of Verklin are innocent until proven guilty.  The charged are given the right to post bail.  The charged shall have the right to an attorney.

Right 4
    The citizens of Verklin have certain rights in which the Assembly shall not make any law(s) that infringe upon those Rights.

Right 5
     The persons of Verklin, whether born or naturalized in Verklin are citizens of Verklin and are therefore guaranteed the full rights of a citizen of Verklin.

Right 6
    No person shall be enslaved for any period of time, whether it is voluntary or involuntary enslavement.

Right 7
    The Chief of State shall only serve two terms.

Right 8
    The right of citizens of Verklin to vote shall not be infringed upon.  A person must be of sixteen years of age to vote.  A person shall not be denied the right to vote or to register to vote on the basis of race, color, sex and/or religion.

Right 9
    The people of Verklin shall be taxed a flat rate of 10 percent on their taxable income.

Right 10
    No person shall be discriminited against on the basis of race, color, age, sex or religion.

Right 11
    All political parties are allowed to run in any election for any offive in the State Assembly or in the Government Assembly

Right 12
    All newspapers, radio and teleivision are government owned or privately owned.  The government shall not pass any laws that prohibiting free speech of privately owned media outlets.

SECTION 3.  Ratification

    1. The newly formed Constitution of Verlkin shall be ratified with four of the five the states passing it into approval.


The preceding document is a work of fiction.  It was a class assignment for Government Class my senior year in high school.  For those that are wondering what we got, we got an A. :)

For those even more curious as to how we came up with the names of our cities, countrys, and states, read on:

The cities in Verklin as well as the states and other landmarks came from the TV series The Young Riders.  The neighbor to the north, Tegoland, actually exsits as a city in Europe.  South Haven, the neighbor to the east, is a resort town off of Lake Michigan in Michigan.  Winchestor, the neighbor to the west, just sounds like a good British Colony name.  Rider Ocean, the main body of water directly the south of Verklin, gets its name from the Pony Express.  The Ports Russell, Majors and Waddell, come courtesy of the businessmen that found the Pony Express back in 1860.

Rock Creek, Sweetwater, Davenport, Redford, Wake, Fenton, Seneca, Blue Creek, Willow Springs are all cities or towns that exsist in the plains.  In such states as: Wyoming, Kansas and Missouri.

As for who came up with Verklin, that was the teacher.  My brother had to something similar back in 1987 or 1988.  Only his was more Star Trek and Star Wars oriented.

Had Xena or Hercules been on, I can probably say they would have a town or too.  Can we say, Xenaton? Port of Hercules?  Hahahaha!!

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