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Have you ever watched your favorite TV show and said to yourself, "I can write stories better than that?" If you have, you are not alone. And if you have ever actually written a story based on your favorite TV program or favorite character, you aren't alone either.

Everyday, hundreds of fan fiction stories go up on the web. And the strange thing is, people go searching for them. This fills the void of those summer re-runs or the void of the series just not living up to it's fullest potential.

As a writer of fan fiction myself, I'm often asked what fuels me to write. More importantly, they try to pick my brain.

Yours truly allowed herself to be interviewed by a friend who is a journalist. So, read about me folks. It'll be the only time I'll ever talk about myself.


Why do you write fan fiction?
I write fan fiction because it fills a void left by the writers of the show. Often the writers of the show don't explore an issue further because of lack of time.

What is the most important thing (to you) concerning fan fiction?
The most important thing to me is probably being able to express my desires and feelings through writing. I've always been able to express myself through my writing. When it comes to fan fiction, I'd have to say the important thing is that it is my way expressing my feelings of the characters.

Why did you start writing fan fiction?
(Laughs) My very first story was a "Tom and Jerry" story. I think I still have it somewhere. I started writing because it was a school assignment (believe it or not, we had to write a short book and I based it on the episode, "Mission of Gold" from Scarecrow and Mrs. King.) I got an A on the project. Seriously, I fell into it. It was when I was writing my story and I added in the characters from Charlie's Angels.

What compels you to write a certain story?
I'm compelled when an episode fails to meet my expectations or when something just ticks me off with character development. I found myself at the keyboard right after "Ides of March" aired (Xena: Warrior Princess) and writing their resurrection. Most anything will compel me to write. It is like I said, to fill a void left by the writers.

Do you prewrite?
(Laughs). Is that a trick question? Of course I prewrite. I do an odd outline sort of thing. I'll write down my scene then expand it using a semi-outline. After that is completed, I do what is called a "dry draft" and that is where I write my story in some what of a synopsis format that is any where from 10 to 30 pages. After that, I'll read through and enhance my scenes using notebook paper. I'll add those in, then I have my first draft. I can do anywhere from three drafts to ten drafts or more, before the final version is done. If I'm able, I can usually get the basic story outline done in a few days. It can sometimes take me up to a week or more to write the outline. Depending upon the length it could take me anywhere from week to a month or more to write story. The more complex ones take longer and often get the most rewrites.

What tips do you have for the up and coming writers?
Know your craft. Write what you know. And use a beta reader. I would also suggest, basic knowledge of story writing. I've seen way too many stories in which the author doesn't realize that you need to split your paragraphs when a new character speaks. That is my biggest pet peeve among writers. It's amazing of how many people don't that know that you are to start a new paragraph. As an editor, it's a headache.

What is your favorite line from a story you've written?
That's a toughy. There are so many great one-liners I've penned over the years. I have two picked out. The first one is from "The Last Case" based on the series Charlie's Angels. "Murder, terrorism, mayhem, mystery and assassins for hire. Sorry I'm late, I had to pick up some documents, courtesy of our new 'psycho' partner." The other comes from, Xena: Warrior Princess: "If anyone is going to slap respect into her, it will be me."

What is the most interesting aspect of writing fan fiction?
The people that respond to work. Whether it be negatively or positively. It is interesting to see how some people share your views.

Which of your stories is your favorite?
Completed, it would have to be "The Spirit Warrior" (Xena: Warrior Princess) But as for uncompleted works, it's the one I'm working on now. A very dark, disturbing, Xena fan fiction that is comprised of three parts. It is hard to pick out a favorite, though. I've gotten a great deal of response from my other fan fiction stories as well.

Where did you go to school?
I'm a 1993 graduate of Mishawaka High School. Had I been in the advanced track, I would have graduated with honors. Anyways, I majored in Math, German and English.

What can you tell us about you?
Aside from what some may think of me, I'm a nice person. I'm a very modest person and I never use my connections with people in high places to further my place in this world. I like earning my place in the world. I'm hard-working and dedicated to giving it 110%. Although, I'm not above to tuting my own horn once someone else does it first. I can be downright cruel when people don't see the real point or the seriousness of a situation.

What do you do for a living?
You mean you didn't know? I thought everyone knew I spent every waking moment working on this website. Heheh, actually, I'm a shift-manager at a local video chain, okay so it's Hollywood Video. I would like to be an actual writer someday though.

What crazy things did you do as a kid?
That requires thought. I have to get back to you on that one. Sorry, no need in me embarassing myself here.

What do you do when you aren't writing?
Usually, I'm working. When I'm not doing that or hanging out with friends, I can be found playing video games. Right now, I'm into playing the demo version of Xena for the Playstation. I'm into Tae-Bo and mountain-biking. I'm a big Cubs fan and tennis fan.

What is your biggest pet peeve?
When it comes to life, people who think their POV is the only view. In writing, it's the damn 'start a new paragraph when a new character speaks' rule. Nothing ticks me off more than someone who claims they can writer, doesn't do that. It's an elementary rule of grammar. Something we all learned. And as long as you paid attention in class, you shouldn't forget it.

What's the worst thing about being an editor?
There are a lot of negatives. Although, I essentially leave it up the authors to make sure their story is edited, I'll sometimes fix those obvious errors. The worst thing though is probably something I haven't seen a whole of lot and that is punctuation mistakes, especially when it comes to dialogue.

What's the worst thing about being a webmaster?
Not having enough time to update.

What is your favorite genre?
I vary. What is unique about me, and this is a rarity, is that I can cross genres. I can write fantasy, science fiction, comedy, mystery, drama, adventure stories. I love 'em all. My favorite genre is fantasy. Especially now since I'm hooked on Xena. I'm multi-versed because I'm a history buff and even though I don't always admit it; I'm intelligent. It doesn't seem that way sometimes either, but I love learning and I'm always eager to learn. It's a part of my human nature.

Speaking of Xena, who is your favorite character?

What do you think about the relationship?
I'm hoping you mean Gabrielle and Xena. The answer, it's PLATONIC people! It's strictly platonic!! As for Autolycus and Xena, be watching for a another story.

What is the funniest moment you've ever seen on Xena?
Another trick question, there's too many. From "Femmes, Fins and Gems" Xena had just pulled a nearly drown Gabster out of the lake. Just as Xena is about blow air into her lungs, Gabster spits out the water, directly into Xena's face. Gabrielle confesses that there is only one person for her, and it is herself. Xena looks somewhat dejected. While it is what is called a 'subtext' moment among the believers in it, I just found it hilarious. I think it was more of a reaction, of "Hey, I just saved your life and you can't thank me" look. There is one from "Been There, Done That" that was hilarious. Then again, that episode had a lot of comedic moments.

What is your favorite quote from Xena?
Hmm. That's a toughie. "I'm worried we are going to get there and the fish will be armed." This is from the episode, "Femmes, Fins and Gems."

What is the most gratifying thing about The Fan Fiction Archives Website?
People being happy with being able to read fan fiction stories. The most popular site is the Scarecrow and Mrs. King section. In a little over a month, it's generated over 7000 hits. That is VERY impressive. People are appreciative too. When people tell me what a great job I'm doing, I don't think that it is a wasted effort.

Where do you think Lee and Amanda would be today?
Probably still working for government. I've always figured they would have started a family a few years after they were married. I don't think Lee would have taken a desk job, nor would have Amanda.

Where do you think Scarecrow and Mrs. King would have gone if there had been a 5th season?
I think they might have just continued on, keeping their marriage a secret. If not just for the Agency, but to protect Amanda's family. They would become more of target if people knew about the marriage.

Do you think Aaron Spelling handled writing out Kate's character on Charlie's Angels in the best way?
No. After she quit, they just had her getting married and starting a family. A sudden change for the character, and totally out of character to a certain extent. They could have talked about her, but they never did. It would have been interesting to see what Sabrina went on to do. I think being a cop was too much in her blood. It is hard for someone like that to just up and quit.

Do you ever feel that Kate is never given the credit she deserves for actually creating Charlie's Angels?
You would ask me about that. Yes. I think that her co-starts don't give her the credit, especially since the series was "HERS" to begin with. I find it ironic that Jaclyn Smith can say Robert Wagner had a say in it, but it he in fact only held a percent of the series. He had no creative input. Almost all the basic aspects of the series came from Kate's brain. Her ideas. She's a very intelligent person. Aaron gives Kate credit, every so often. To think of what the series originally was and to think what Kate was able to get it changed too. Quite a change.

Do you think Kate's reputation was unjust?
Yes. Kate's a professional. She loves her work and her career. She's intelligent, bright and a talented actor. Even Aaron had said Kate's reputation was unjust. She was always a professional. I think people tend to get in the frame of mind that if a woman speaks her mind, she's a bitch. If a man speaks his mind, he's tough. It's a one-sided battle.

What about the entire history of Scarecrow and Mrs. King?
Again, I think it was all blown out of proportion. Kate was also a creative consultant on the show. If it wasn't for her pushing the max, I don't think the series would have lasted four years. That's why it ended, she got tired of fighting for what she believed in. She had backup from co-star Bruce Boxleitner, but he turned the tables and sided with management. And look what happened. Schedule changes ... airing key episodes on days that most people wouldn't be watching ... even Kate's illness played an indirect part. Warner's and CBS used Kate's cancer to finally cancel the series. The production costs were rising also, that also played a key in the departure of "SMK" from TV.

Do you think the series would have had a 5th season?
If Kate hadn't gotten sick and if Bruce had been backing her up, then yes --- it would have continued on. The series was abruptly canceled. Just look that 4th season ender. It left it open for a 5th season.

Do you think the stars want to do a reunion?
I think they want too -- but the Cubs will have to win the World Series first. I think if there was any unresolved matters between Kate and Bruce, they should have been resolved by now. Kate is on good terms with CBS obviously. She's made a lot of movies for them in the past few years, and almost had another series with them.

What do you think Sabrina would be doing today?
Most likely a lawyer or a district attorney or federal attorney.

Any chance of a Charlie's Angels reunion?

Any chance of any of the stars from Angels working together again?
Again, no.

Is there anyting you'd like to add to close out the interview?
Nothing comes to mind. Just, keep those submissions coming.

Thanks to Brian for interviewing me. Gee, when he said I should be the next person I was a bit intimidated as this is my site and all. But in the end, I felt comfortable with it. I hope you all enjoyed this little 'look' into the mastermind behind all this madness. I just wish I could explain this addiction to "Dr. Pepper"

Best Regards,

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