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A new look.  A new design, a new host. (Well, a return to the old host).  Okay, my main concern is my Xena Website.  I'll try to work on this site, as my time allows. Technically, speaking, this site has been around for over three years. That is a LONG time.

I'll be bringing back the KJ Times (it'll be an online newsletter, updating monthly --- time allowing of course).  The forums will be back. There is now a game rule to the forums. KEEP ON TOPIC. Waverly off topic will get your post deleted and your ISP banned (that means no one using your IP address will be able to post). I'm no longer going to fool around with people who decide that the Charlie's Angels Forum is a good place to discuss to Baby Boom and so on. You get the idea.

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Scarecrow and Mrs. King currently airs weekdays at 4 PM EST on the PAX Network. Check your local listings for station. Not all markets currently carry PAX Net. Contact your local cable provider and ask them to pick up PAX TV.

Charlie's Angels currently airs on the Screen Gems Network. Contact your local cable company for more info.


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