“The Destroyer of Nations”
Part One

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Subtext: If any, it’s not meant to be.
Violence: Yes. Lots of it. If it bothers you, use that ‘back’ function on your web browser.
Hurt/Comfort: More hurt than comfort.
Language: Nothing more than a typical episode.
Synopsis: They thought the evil was gone. Now, Xena, Gabrielle, Hercules and Iolaus team up for a final showdown.

Author: Jen
Date Written: June 18, 1999

Author’s Note: I relied heavily on the third and fourth seasons for this epic. This is a story that you’ll have to read and pay attention too, or else you’ll find yourself lost. This is probably the darkest story of which I’ll ever write, because I’m totally cruel to the relationship of Xena and Gab. However, on a lighter note — there is a couple of exchanges, which could be seen as “subtext”. I tell you this: It was unintentional and well, quite frankly, it worked for the frame of mind of the character at the time. And I had a laugh when I wrote it.

Chapter One

Going Their Separate Ways

They needed time off. It wasn’t so much from each other, but just from traveling. They had been traveling for quite some time, years it seemed like. Their journey back, wasn’t easy. In order to be successful, they each had to complete a series of journeys to regain their strength and to return to the life they once knew. Defeating Callisto, was just one of them. Their tasks took their toll.

“See you in two weeks,” a cheerful Gabrielle said. She waved good- bye to long time her friend.

“Don’t get lost,” Xena warned. She waved good-bye to her friend.

The two friends departed in opposite directions. Gabrielle was heading towards Poteidaia and Xena towards Amphipolis. Neither family had been expecting their return. Surprises are everything.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Gabrielle walked for what seemed like days. She had to rest. She found a nearby stream and decided to take a break, perhaps eat some berries or something to tide her over until she reached her village. She was looking forward to this visit home. She wanted so much to see her sister, her mother and her father. She wanted to see her family. She wanted to spend every moment she could with them.

After a short break, Gabrielle set off again on the trail. She knew she wasn’t that far from her village. Ah, her village. The only peace she really knew in her life. Things were simpler back then. But then, that was why she left in the first place. She wanted to experience the world. She wanted to live the world. So, off she went. She followed the person she knew could help her. The person that had saved her. This was the same road, only she was going home instead of leaving it.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Xena decided to give Argo a break. She knew she needed a break as well. She let Argo drink from the stream. Xena was looking forward to her visit home as well. When she first left Amphipolis, it was not on the best of terms. When she returned, it was not on the best terms. When she left again, it was better. Each time she returned, things improved. The simple villagers no longer saw Xena, The Destroyer of Nations. They saw a good person, making good, doing good for the greater good.

Xena was about to return to the path when a half-dozen men approached her.

“Give us your money,” demanded the bandit. A gruesome looking man. He was in need of a bath.

Xena nonchalantly climbed off Argo. She approached whom she thought was the leader of this pathetic looking band of thugs. “And what if I don’t?”

“We take it from you,” the bandit said. “Either way, we get your money.” “I suggest you find a new way of getting money,” Xena smirked. She kicked him in the chest, sending him backwards.

The remaining bandits stood steadfast.

“The name is Degas. I’m the person that’s going to kill you,” he said. He charged Xena with his sword in one hand and a dagger in the other.

“You wish,” Xena said. She deflected his thrust and kicked him back, sending straight in the stream.

The rest of the bandits spared no time in getting their chance. They didn’t know whom they were fighting. All they knew was that they didn’t want their reputation ruined because they were defeated by a woman.

The bandits were no-match for Xena. It was only down to between Xena and Degas. Degas laid in a few lucky blows. But Xena managed to fight him off. Degas and his band fled into the woods.

“No sense in getting killed over this one boys,” Degas said.

Xena watched them leave. “Will this ever end?” she sighed. Xena sheathed her sword and mounted Argo one more time. It would be morning before she would arrive in Amphipolis. No matter, she was going home.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The Morning After

Gabrielle decided to not take her time in getting to Poteidaia. She wanted to be there for breakfast. She suddenly felt strange, light-headed. She stopped to rest for a few moments. Gabrielle thought it was maybe the heat. Or maybe it was the lack of a good meal. Either way, she wanted to get home. Her gut feeling was telling her something was wrong. She remembered something Xena had told her. “If your gut tells you something is wrong, it usually is,” Xena’s voice said. Hearing her friend’s voice brought a small smile to her face. She looked around, checking her surroundings. Xena often told her to pay more attention. Gabrielle often forget this golden rule when traveling alone.

It was early morning, the marketplace had yet to open up. The merchants were already setting up to begin the day’s work. Village life was simple. It was something Gabrielle looked forward too when growing up. But as she got older, she grew out of living the simple life. There came a point when she wanted to leave. And leave she did. She does miss the simple the life, but has no regrets about the choices she made.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Xena awoke with a horrendous headache. It even hurt to open her eyes. She assumed it was stemming from her skirmish with the road bandits the previous day. Shaking it off, she stood up. She recognized her surroundings, but couldn’t figure out why she was there. She was hungry. Cooking wasn’t one of her strongest skills, but she could manage if she had too.

“Well, well. If it isn’t our friend from yesterday,” Degas said. He unsheathed his sword and approached the Warrior Princess. “Time to pay up.”

“Pay up for what,” the warrior remarked. “Go away.”

“Go away? No, no . . . give us your money,” Degas ordered. He didn’t like repeating himself.

“If you insist on staying,” Xena demanded. She approached him and did her pinch on him. “Just so you know, I’ve cut off the flow of blood to your brain. You’ll be dead in thirty seconds.”

“What do you want to know?” Degas choked.

“Nothing. I just want you to know how long you have to live,” Xena said. She walked away.

Degas continued to choke. He felt his life draining away from him. He fell forward, dead. Xena rode off on Argo, going in no particular direction.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“Gabrielle?” a woman asked.

Gabrielle turned around. “Lila!” She was happy to see her sister. The two women embraced in a hug.

“What are you doing here?” Lila asked Gabrielle made rare appearances at home. “Where’s Xena?”

“She’s in Amphipolis,” Gabrielle said. “It’s so good to see you.”

“Come, we are just about to eat breakfast,” Lila said. She ushered her big sister into the house.

Gabrielle stopped when she reached the door. She felt light headed again.

“Gabrielle, are you okay?” Lila asked with concern. “You don’t look good.”

“I feel weird,” Gabrielle replied. “I think it’s from not having a good meal for a while. Don’t get to eat a good meal on the road very much.”

“We can fix that,” Lila said, smiling.

The Prodigal daughter has returned to her home.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Ares, God of War and the Peaceful Village

“Hmm,” Ares sighed. “So unlike you.”

“What do you mean? So unlike me,” Xena asked. Many warriors paid tribute to the War God. Xena wasn’t one to pay much homage to the Gods. She didn’t trust them or need them for that matter. She felt a strange connection to War God.

“You let that man die,” Ares said.

“And that’s unlike me?”

Ares couldn’t figure it out. But he didn’t let it bother him too much. Something had gone wrong, and Xena was back.


“Then why did you say it was unlike me?” Xena questioned. She may not have much trust in the gods, but found it fun playing with them. Especially the God of War.

“No reason. You just seem different, and I like it,” Ares chuckled. He knew his ‘chosen one’ would be back in his control someday. “Where is your friend at?”

“Friend? I have no friends. Friends betray you. They can kill you given the chance,” Xena mused.

Ares was startled by this. For every waking moment of his attempts to get his Warrior Princess back, the annoying little blonde had been by her side. She was gone. Xena had no memory of her. This was a good thing. No blonde to sway her back onto the path of righteousness. He loved this Xena. The cutthroat, brilliant commander was back with him. He had plans for her.

“I need an army,” Xena demanded.

“I can get you one,” Ares said. “But you have to do one thing for me.” He walked over to her. He put his arms around her waist and pulled her close. “You have to destroy this village. It’s called Poteidaia.”

Xena pulled away from him. “Why? What have some pathetic peaceful loving villagers done to you?”

“Because they are peaceful, that’s why. Besides, I want you get rid of a problem for me,” Ares said.

“And what do I get in return?” Xena asked.

“You not only get your army, but your chance of claiming the ‘Destroyer of Nations’ title for yourself,” Ares said. “That title suits you.”

“Destroyer of Nations . . . ? It does have certain ring to it.”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“It’s so good to have you back home,” Hecuba, her mother said. She gave her daughter a hug. “You look ill.”

“Just hungry is all,” Gabrielle said. She felt something wasn’t right. She couldn’t explain it herself let alone anyone else. She again dismissed it as being hungry.

“Where’s father?” Gabrielle asked.

“He’s working in the store today,” mother replied. “Here.” She hadn’t her daughter a plate full of food.

Gabrielle had hoped her appetite didn’t go away. It didn’t. Xena had always said she’d never seen a person eat so much in her life. Gabrielle always had a healthy appetite.

“So what travels have you and Xena been on?” Lila asked.

“Lila, let your sister eat and rest up. I’m sure she’ll tell us all about her adventures Xena later on. Come,” mother said.

When Lila and mother returned, Gabrielle had fallen asleep at the table. They carried her into the bedroom.

“She looks like she hasn’t slept for days,” their mother commented. She placed a blanket over her. “Let her sleep.”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Ares couldn’t figure this sudden change of heart out. Even he knew she would never knowingly leave her way of the ‘warrior.’ He wanted to find out just what was going on. He may have been proud to have his favorite warrior back. But she didn’t even so much flinch when he mentioned she is to destroy Poteidaia. Her behavior was odd. He didn’t want her to get killed her first time out. He set out to find what was going.

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