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"The Destroyer of Nations" -- First 8 chapters posted
New story posted July 15, 1999

The Spirit Warrior The Spirit Warrior


Quick Synopsis: Xena and Gabrielle, en route to the Amazons, split up when road raiders (aided by an army) attack them. Both wish the other were there to help. A spirited sole helps out both, but Xena is cautious of this figure. (Takes place in season 4.) Xena learns the real identity of the warrior, but it is too late...

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Two Fates The Battle of the Two Fates


Quick Synopsis: They are given a chance to change their fates. They must defeat an old nemesis to succeed. It's the "battle of the two fates" when Callisto returns along with them. Xena and Gabrielle get a helping hand from an unlikely person. Can the Warrior Princess change her and her best friend's fate? Or will Callisto succeed in her quest to become all powerful? Battle On Xena!

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Amazon The Death of an Amazon


Synopsis: Ephiny sends Amarice out to find Gabrielle and Xena and seek their help in stopping Pompey and Caesar from destroying the Amazons and other nearby villages. But when the Amazon village is attacked by Pompey, things take a turn for the worse. Gabrielle assumes her role as Queen with Xena as her lieutenant. Gabrielle must deal with her role as Queen and with Xena's 'way'.

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Destroyer The Destroyer of Nations: Part One

Status: First Eight Chapters Completed

Synopsis: Gabrielle must try to figure out what is causing Xena to be a warlord again while trying to protect her home village from Xena's army. Hercules and Iolaus help Gabrielle only to get more than what they originally bargained for. After a strange course of events, it ends being Xena vs. an old nemesis. Is this the end of the Warrior Princess? Battle On!

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7/15/99 12:36:30 PM

Upcoming Stories

"The Destroyer of Nations: Part Two"

Status: Pre-writing Stages

After defeating the evil in part one, Xena and Gabrielle must endure painful memories as they try to put the sorcerer responsible for releasing the evil back in the bottle.

"The Destroyer of Nations: Part Three"

Status: Pre-writing stages

With the previous two events in their lives now behind them, Gabrielle must contend with a part of Xena's past. Gabrielle learns the true nature of Xena's Amazon connection.

"The Battle Within": Written before "The Convert." Joxer doesn't kill (infact, he's no where to be found and Najara is just as crazy, if not crazier than before).

Status: Finishing Touches

Synopsis: Xena and Gabrielle (at least that is what is Xena told Gabrielle) are on their way to Amphipolis for a visit. Xena was sent a message by her brother, Toris, that a mercenary band of thugs have been causing problems for some local farmers. They are led by a woman who claims to the protector of "the light." Xena learned from a traveller that Najara escaped from prison and has been sending people to 'the light.' Unbeknownest to Xena, Najara is hot on her trail and is after one thing: Gabrielle.

"The Protector": Written shortly after "The Way."

Status: Proofreading Stage

Synopsis: Xena and Gabrielle come across a "Protector" of the innocent. A woman of the same skill as Xena, but has one flaw, she likes controlling too much. When a warlor named, Krylius attacks Amphipolis, the "Protector" takes it upon herself to defend Amphipolis at any cost. The villages pick Xena to protect them, much to the disgust of the "Protector" who feels Xena won't fight Krylius. Xena sets it upon herself to not let history repeat itself. Gabrielle comes to terms with her "Way".

"The Weapon": A vignette story. Written also after "The Way" and takes place after "The Protector."

Status: Proofreading Stage

Synopsis: A short comical story that features Joxer and Salmoneus. Gabrielle acquires a weapon to take the place of her staff. (This is not the harmonica-blowing-dust thing from "The Convert".) It's a cute little story that is Xena light.

"The Royal Couple of Thieves, Part Deux": Features Autolycus, not set in present time. It's a Gab light episode. Most likely takes place in season 4 after "A Tale of Two Muses" but it can fit in anywhere.

Status: Pre-writing Stage

Synopsis: Xena enlists the King of Thieves help when a village is ransack and the village treasury is robbed. The culprit: Draco who has more on his mind than just the crown jewels.

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