Chapter Five

The Next Morning

“Where did you get the horse?” Gabrielle asked Xena.

Xena made no attempt to answer the question. “I’m riding ahead to the village. Just to make sure no Romans are there and that it is safe. Stay here.” Xena rode off.

“That was odd.”

Gabrielle watched in concern. “She stole the horse.”

“The poster girl for truth and justice stole a horse?” Amarice quirked. It was more of a giggle. She found it funny. “I hate to be the poor person she took it from.”

“Amarice . . . ,” Gabrielle started to say.

“What? She wants to make sure it’s safe. She can get there a lot quicker with a horse than she can on foot.”

“We aren’t that from a village that I know is safe,” Gabrielle said.

“Xena said to stay here,” Amarice said.

“I don’t always do what Xena says. Besides, she’ll know where to look. The same place she got the horse.”

“You mean we are going to the place where she stole the horse from?” Amarice asked.

“Yes and No. Yes we are going to place where she got the horse. No, she didn’t steal the horse. Her brother just wouldn’t let her pay for it,” Gabrielle smirked. “It’s this way.”

“Then why? Never mind,” Amarice said. She followed Gabrielle.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“Are you sure about that?” Xena asked.

“The Roman said that Brutus ordered the bounty off and the search off for the escape prisoners,” the innkeeper said.

“Thanks,” Xena said. She was about to pay for the food.

“On the house. You saved us from that Callisto. We owe you a lot more than free food,” the innkeeper said. “Here.” He handed her a pouch. “It’s some food.” The innkeeper was more than grateful to the Warrior Princess.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“Gabrielle?” Xena asked. She looked around for her friends. They were no where to be found. “Why can’t you just listen to me for a change.”

“That will never happen,” Callisto said.

Xena turned around. Callisto yanked the Warrior Princess off her horse.

“It’s time for us to settle this once and for all,” Callisto said.

“I have something you want,” Xena said. “Oh yes. I know about your . . . sister.”

“How she ended up with you, I’ll never know,” Callisto said. “I can’t believe she chose to join up with you. You did cook my family after all.”

“That’s where you are wrong Callisto. I didn’t cook your family. They were already dead. And Amarice saw what you did,” Xena said. She drew sword. She walked around Callisto.

“Oh please,” Callisto said. She shot a jolt of electricity that sent Xena reeling backwards onto the ground. “Why do you always do this.”

“Old habit,” Xena said. She jumped back to her feet.

“Oh well. If you insist,” Callisto said. She drew her sword and charged Xena.

Xena deflected her blow. “You’re a bit rusty.”

“Forgive for I’ve been living in Hell for the past year,” Callisto said. She kicked Xena in the stomach. Then hit her in the back with her sword hilt. Xena fell to the ground.

Xena somersaulted over Callisto. “That’s supposes to win you a free shot? I think not.”

“Will you get off this goodness kick already. Gabrielle’s ‘way’ brought you to this point,” Callisto said.

“She’s no more to blame than I am,” Xena said. She moved back away from Callisto.

“What? You don’t want to fight me? What a shame. Too bad I can’t let it happen,” Callisto said. She made a swipe with sword at Xena.

Xena deflected the swipe and returned the favor.

“You can’t kill me you know,” Callisto said. “Why you keep trying, doesn’t make sense anymore.”

“It’s not about making sense anymore. Why would want to have your sister back after what you’ve done . . . ”

“What I’ve done? Xena, my dear, you are the one that made me, remember? If you hadn’t attacked Cirra then I wouldn’t have become this person bent on revenge. My family would still be alive and my sister wouldn’t be who she is today . . . ”

“That was your doing, not mine,” Xena said. She started to walk away from Callisto.

“Why don’t you want to fight me Xena?” Callisto asked. “Afraid of defeat?”

“Afraid I might get hurt,” Xena said.

“I can’t just let you walk away,” Callisto said. Callisto made another swipe at Xena, this time she succeeded. But wasn’t a serious wound. It wasn’t enough to bring Xena down.

“You shouldn’t have done that Callisto,” Xena said.


“This is why.” Xena whistled for the horse to return. She hopped onto the horse and rode off.

“You can’t hide from for very long,” Callisto said. “Oh well, I guess I’ll take care of my plan now. Run Xena. Play with your little friends until I come back.”

Xena rode off to Amphipolis. She wasn’t happy about Gabrielle leaving the area, but at least they would get a good meal. Her mother was good about that.

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